Brooke Wachtel International Women’s Day blog post

Today’s Inspiring Women blog post is from Brooke Wachtel, who has been a volunteer with us since April 2015. Brooke is a director in Corporate Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The company is our key strategic partner and lead corporate sponsor, and has over 900 amazing employees signed up as volunteers.

“I am incredibly inspired every time I volunteer for an Brooke WachtelInspiring the Future event. I love hearing the questions the young people ask about different jobs and being able to share information about careers that they never thought of before. My favourite moment is when a young person decides they can aim for more than they thought they could…that’s a very fulfilling volunteer experience!

When we are young we can sometimes be limited in our thinking by what we see around us. There are so many unique and diverse careers to aim for but many times we build dreams based on what we already know. It is so important to be able to meet people from many walks of life and understand their experiences so we broaden our thinking and can truly decide what we want to do with our lives.

This is why Inspiring the future is so important to me. I want to be able to share my experiences with young people who may have never thought about entering my field and show them that anything is possible if they work hard for it. I’ve had many different career experiences which I’ve been given mainly because of my work ethic. I truly believe that if you are willing to work hard any achievement is possible and I want every young person to feel empowered to reach for their dreams.”


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