Amy and Francesca’s International Women’s Day blog post


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In honour of International Women’s Day 2017 we wanted to reemphasise the profound impact volunteer interactions have on the lives of young people.

Francesca and Amy, two Year 13 students from the Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School, attended their first Inspiring Women event in May 2016. During the Inspiring Women in Business and Enterprise event at the London Stock Exchange they met an array of leading women from the Business sector. They were involved in the campaign again this year, however now they were speaking on behalf of the Inspiring Women campaign!  Francesca and Amy took to the stage at the Women in Facilities management annual conference to speak about their experiences meeting volunteers.

Here’s what Amy and Francesca have to say about their experience:

“The Inspiring Women in Business event in May has been a continuous source of enlightenment and has offered us advice as how to be successful in our careers. As students, it is extremely beneficial, speaking to women at such events, because it allows us to aspire to achieve great things and how our gender should not limit our success. We were able to meet women in demanding professions who are excelling in their chosen career, but who have also been able to create a successful work and family balance.

The event offered us direction to our final goal and the types of skills and traits that would be required for our chosen career, which was extremely advantageous. These events have encouraged us to succeed and being in contact with employers has given us the knowledge to understand what we need to do to excel in our chosen career.

Being able to share what we have learnt with these women, was important because it means that further women will be able to support the charity, and thus many young women similar to us will be able to benefit significantly.”

Thank you again to Amy and Francesca for their wonderful contribution and to all our volunteers for making this possible!



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