Driven to Success on board HQS Wellington

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Today 15 women took part in a ‘career speed networking’ event with 100 girls aged 13 – 17 from four state secondary schools on the HQS Wellington. From RAF jet fighter plane pilots, to Formula E drivers, to British Airways’ first female pilot, to Merchant Navy officers and helicopter pilots, these women are breaking into traditionally male dominated arenas.

The event was on board HQS Wellington, the last surviving Second World War escort ship in Britain.

Career speed networkers taking part in ‘Driven to Success’ were;

Lynn Barton, Airline Pilot, British Airways – BA’s first female pilot
Michela Cerruti, Formula E Driver, Trulli FE
Melissa Denes, Editor, Guardian Weekend
Kate Gillard, HGV Driver, Tarmac –aged 19 youngest women to become a lorry driver
Caroline Lake, Owner, Caroline’s Cars
Dawn Lakin, Traffic Officer (HATO), Highways Agency
Katherine Legge, Formula E Driver, Amlin Aguri
Anne Maningas, Tube Driver, Transport for London
Rachel Martin Peer, Taxi Driver
Fiona Noone, Chief Officer, Red Funnel, Merchant Navy
Lieutenant Commander Sarah Oakley, Commander HMS Clyde, Royal Navy
Lieutenant Commander Jules Rogers, Helicopter Pilot, Royal Navy
Leonora Saunders, Photographer, 10percentrising – photographs female pioneers
Nikki Thomas, Fast Jet Squadron Commander, Royal Air Force – first women to do this job
Wendy Meakin, Broadcaster, Channel 4’s Four Rooms – preparing a programme on car dealers

The aim of this HQS Wellington event is to showcase the wide range of roles to which young girls can aspire, and in which many talented women already excel.

The Inspiring Women campaign hopes to encourage thousands of other women to join and volunteer to pledge ‘one hour a year to talk to girls’ in a state school near home or work about their life experience, job and career route. The campaign is open to all women, whatever their job, including those who work full or part-time, retired workers and volunteers. They can register online in 2 minutes:

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Olympic athlete Jo Pavey shares her message to girls

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Olympic athlete and Commonwealth gold medal winner (and 41-year-old mum of two) Jo Pavey was on a mission in Dorset this week talking to girls in school with the Inspiring Women in Sport campaign.

Jo said: “Sport is so much more than competing – it boosts your self-esteem, it gets you working as part of a team and gives you so many life qualities. I feel in a privileged position to be able to pass on that message and try and get young girls involved in sport. It is great to encourage them not only to compete but to get into other sporting roles and jobs.”

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