17-year-old Megan tells her story: from Basildon to BT Tower talk

EET 20.01.15-0969

Megan Johnson, a 17 year old student from Basildon Upper Academy, was invited to speak at the launch of Inspiring Women in Sport to explain how girls in state schools benefit from talking with real life role models about jobs and careers. This is what Megan had to say.

An Inspiring Women event was held at my school a year ago and that day has opened up so many opportunities for me. Early last week I was invited to attend an event held at the BT tower in London, the launch event for Inspiring Women in Sport. It was a privilege to join such influential women, like Inspiring Women founder and champion Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, BT Sport broadcaster Clare Balding, 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu and Minister for Sport Helen Grant. I was asked to speak about the event we held at my school and the long lasting impact it has had on me.
I was extremely nervous about speaking; the thought of it was so daunting. But from the moment we arrived everyone was so warm and welcoming. Clare and Miriam both recognised me immediately after attending my school. Miriam spent time talking to me before the event began, offering me words of advice, reassurance and encouragement. The event was opened by Delia Bushell, who introduced Miriam, the first speaker at the event. Following Miriam, Helent Grant spoke and then Clare Balding. I was to follow. I listened to them all speak. They spoke with such confidence, making me even more nervous. My heart began to beat fast, my hands were shaking with nerves. Clare introduced me and I stood in front of everyone, preparing myself to begin, everyone’s eyes fixed on me. I had my speech prepared and I began. Within seconds I felt so much more comfortable and confident. Everyone was listening to what I had to say. I even managed to get a couple of laughs which reassured me that they must have been interested.
After I had finished speaking, I had the chance to have photo’s taken with the other 4 speakers. They all congratulated me on how well I had spoken, especially for someone of my age. This made me feel so proud. I had managed to talk in front of all these high profile guests and hold it together.
I have so much gratitude for the Inspiring Women Campaign, for giving me the confidence to develop the key skills I need to succeed. I have begun mentoring younger GCSE students, which is helping me develop my leadership skills and ensuring they achieve their GCSE grades. I have also become Sports Captain for my house. This role includes encouraging and motivating students to participate in interhouse sporting events, competing with and alongside fellow students in each year as well as coaching and managing the teams in these competitions. Without the knowledge and encouragement I received from these Inspirational women, I do not think I would have been confident enough to grasp such opportunities.
I feel very motivated from what I learnt that day. I got to see how far hard work can really take you. With hard work, effort and dedication anything is possible, even when people say that your dreams are unreachable.
By having the opportunity to attend this launch event and talk about the impact it has had on me will hopefully encourage other women to join such a worthwhile campaign. I have taken so much from these events, even being offered work experience in PR for the communications director of rugby premiership. Clare Balding even said I could go and work for her!


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