Female managers work an extra 14 years to earn ‘same as men’

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New CIM research shows that young women are paid roughly the same as their male counterparts. The pay gap only widens as we approach our forties. And it’s not ALL down to that old get-out-clause about having babies. New salary figures show that a ‘mid-life pay crisis’ is hitting female managers, with women aged 40-plus earning 34% less than men.

See Chartered Institute of Management infographics: http://www.managers.org.uk/~/media/Files/PDF/CMI_XpertHR_gender_pay_infographic_August2014.ashx

Read the full story: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-business/11042829/Women-gender-pay-gap-want-to-close-the-pay-gap-Its-time-to-face-an-uncomfortable-truth.html