Parental advice to kids ‘out of date’ but 70% rely on it

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Parental careers advice to kids is often ‘out of date’ but 70% still trust their parent’s job advice says new Association of Colleges research. Help solve the problem by joining our Inspiring Women campaign and ‘pledge one hour once a year’ to talk about your job with girls in a state school near home or work. Register here to take part:

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Female CEOs more likely to be fired than men

Businesswomen are more vulnerable than their male counterparts to being abruptly fired – pushed off the “glass cliff” – a study from a global management consultancy shows. Researchers at Strategy& found that women are forced out of chief executive positions more than a third of the time, while only a quarter of men in similar positions suffer the same fate

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Edith Cavell £2 coin campaign goes to Treasury

Edith Cavall

WW1 nurse Edith Cavell was shot by a German firing squad in 1915. A 100,000-signature petition calling for Edith to be commemorated on a new £2 coin has been delivered to the Treasury.

Edith Cavell, from Norfolk, helped more than 200 Allied troops escape from German-occupied Belgium. Campaigners say she was a ‘real role model’ because “she would nurse anybody, regardless of their nationality, because that was the right thing to do”.

The petition was started after it was announced former war secretary Lord Kitchener would feature on a coin to mark the Great War’s centenary. Campaigners said the coins should also celebrate those who advocated peace.

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Be a role model in 2014!

To be a role model in 2014 join our Inspiring Women campaign and pledge one hour, once a year to talk with girls at a school near home or work about your job and career:

‘What I See’ film competition launches


The ‘What I See’ project are giving aspiring filmmakers a chance to flex their creative muscles and have their entries judged by an expert panel (including Edwina Dunn, patron of the Southbank Centre). The winner will get £1000. They want you to create a short film (between 2 and 6 minutes) that will inspire the next generation. The team want women and girls all over the world feel inspired, encouraged, and generally, like they can do anything.

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‘Schools Against Sexism’ campaign


Here come the pre-teen feminists! A UK group is lobbying schools with its ‘Schools Against Sexism’ campaign. UK Feminista, which successfully campaigned to “lose” lads’ mags in high street shops has started lobbying schools to tackle casual sexism, asking headteachers to sign its Schools Against Sexism pledge. They also report that there’s been a huge upsurge in the number of feminist groups in schools, colleges and universities.

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Primary Futures broadens horizons for girls and boys


Primary Futures launches today to widen the horizons and aspirations of primary school children by helping them make the connections between their lessons and their futures. Primary Futures has been developed by school leaders’ union NAHT in partnership with the Education and Employers charity. It is completely free to all state primary schools and is part of the successful Inspiring the Future programme which has already registered 13,500 volunteers and 75% of state secondary schools.
Through Primary Futures primary schools will be able to access a vast network of volunteers from different backgrounds and professions – from young apprentices to chief executives, archaeologists to zoologists or employees from small, medium sized or multi-national companies. Volunteers can register here to visit a local school:

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Accomplished Human Rights Lawyer engaged to greying actor, 52


These headline subversions from @VagendaMagazine’s followers highlight the issues underlying our Inspiring Women campaign. It shows that women are too rarely seen a positive role models in the media – even when they deserve to be! Join our Inspiring Women campaign to be a real life role model and local heroine by talking with girls in a school near you about your job. It takes 2 minutes to register here: