A Case Study of an Inspiring Woman Volunteer

ImageA volunteer, Navdeep Hear from Ministry of Justice (MOJ) volunteers in Walsall through the Inspiring the Future programme. 

Jill Nock, teacher at Aldridge School in Walsall, contacted solicitor Navdeep because she wanted to run a series of events for Year 10 students (aged 14-15) to make them more clued up about job and career options. It’s a large secondary school with six Year 10 form groups so their teachers wanted them all to have the same opportunity to hear from Navdeep about working in the field of courts and criminal justice. Navdeep has since undertaken six presentations at the school.

She starts each presentation by talking about her work at the MOJ and the huge array of opportunities. Navdeep is a qualified solicitor but there are jobs in the Court Service that do not require a degree. She is quick to emphasise that her own transition into paid work was difficult, doing jobs she didn’t like and was overqualified for, in order to gain the experience to get a better job.

Navdeep’s job involves sitting in court in front of judges and magistrates to advise them about the law. Her Majesty’s Court Service covers criminal law, family law, civil courts and crown courts. She also explains to students the difference between a solicitor and a barrister. She also talks to students about personal presentation and the importance of getting into the habit of delivering targets on time, whether school essays or projects in adult life.

Thirty-three year old Navdeep says: “When I was at school I was given no direction and didn’t know what questions to ask because I had no idea what job I wanted to do. I would have really benefitted from Inspiring the Future.”

Top tips for other Inspiring the Future volunteers:

• Have an honest conversation with pupils

• Engage them in a two-way conversation

• Give pupils ideas on how to get work experience in your field

• Be flexible with times and dates

• Get feedback. It’s hard to read young people’s body language so it’s good to know they are interested, even if they don’t look it!

Jill Nock, Work Experience and Work Related Learning Co-ordinator, at Aldridge School in Walsall says:

“Navdeep’s Inspiring the Future visits have provided our Year 10 students with an insight into legal jobs and career paths. It has helped to make our young people aware of what opportunities lie beyond school life and to help them make choices along the way.”


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